USB drive not working

Hello I have a problem where my USB flash drive won’t detect anywhere(This PC, disk managment, device manager, disk part) but the USB light is blinking. Can anyone help on this topic I am running out of ideas. I don’t really care about data recovery I just don’t want to buy a new 128GB flash drive. This happend when I used the USB drive as a bootable device and tried to format it.

Can you Safely Remove the drive, remove it and reboot? Then when you reinsert it is it showing in File Manager? Disk Manager showing it?

How did you make it a bootable drive? How did you try to reformat it? Why did you try to reformat it?

Yes, I know I am replying more than a month later but fine. So a little of an update, I managed to show the flash drive as an unrecognisable device by cleaning the unplugged devices’ data and tweaking the device manager settings. I was experimenting with different operating systems at the time and the one that I used when this happened was TAILS OS ( I am a fan of the cuber security and deep & dark web). Anyway, I can’t remember exactly what happened but something went wrong either in the formatting of the USB drive or the flashing of the drive. I’ve looked online and I’ve found someone with the same issue and he said something about changed PID. I couldn’t find any solution If you know anything please tell me.