USB Connector has malfunctioned

My computer has been saying that the USB connector for my clip zip has malfunctioned and can’t recognize it. I’ve tried multiple usb slots and even a different computer, but even the second one gives me the same message.

Have you tried a diffferent cable?

I don’t have another one. Where could I get one?

Lots of places. Check google, they cost a dollar or two. That said, theres a good chance the cable is fine and its something else.

What USB mode is the player set to? MTP or Auto Defect can sometimes be problematic. MSC is much easier and trouble-free (in the majority of cases).

I wouldn’t know, and I wouldn’t know how to change it because the battery is dead. I can’t charge it with the USB malfunctioning.

Well then I would try a different cable first. Note this takes a micro-B USB plug, but you should be able to find one easily and inexpensively locally without taking the time to order it online somewhere. If that’s not it, then return the cable or save it as a spare.

Then contact SanDisk for a warranty replacement for the player if it is still within the time period (US = 1 year, EU = 2 years)

I dropped by best buy on my way out today, and I found out something. Apparently, they terriblely overprice merch. They were selling 1 3ft wire for 20$. That is half the cost of the device I’m trying to use it with. I can buy a 6ft wire from amazon for 3$. 

Holy Cow! That is SOME profit margin! Well, if you have the time, you can order one directly from the SanDisk shop for only 7 bucks . Of course, the shipping is 6 bucks for a total of $13.

Btw, you don’t want a 3 of 6ft cord. Shorter is better. Preferably one with the inline capacitor like the original. :wink:

Or try Radio Shack (although it can be overpriced as well).  The best best, if you have one:  an electronics store in the area.  I just picked up a 3’ or so USB micro-cable for $1 (but it was on sale) a few weeks ago. 

Oops, almost forgot a great source for things like this: (great for items like this!) and—p-59661.aspx - only $1.99 shipped, but comes from China–takes 2-3 weeks to arrive.