USB car charger question

Purchased a Macally car charger, model USBCIG2, which lists all the iPod and iPhone models that are compatible.  My question is will this charger work with my Clip, does it output the 5v standard usb.

Macally also has a model for Sansa, but good luck finding in a store. 

I have searched this site, but almost all relates to 120v chargers, and I am hoping someone is familiar with this model and will know if it is standard usb output.

Thanks, Mike

I believe that all USB chargers will output 5v, +/- .25v.  The issue would be the output amperage.  The USBCIG2 supports the iPhone, which I’ve read elsewhere takes 1A for charging, which would be fine for the Clip.  I’ve used both a 750mA and a 1A charger with my Clip, and both work fine.

But you may want to contact Macally tech support to confirm this (and your first response will probably tell you to buy the Sansa model instead :wink: ).

Unfortunate that even Macally doesn’t provide the specs for its product at the Macally website.  Irritating.

If in the U.S., you also could get a Belkin AC and DC adapter kit for Sansa, on the cheap ($6.99, with free shipping).

I confirmed with Macally tech support that the output for that charger is 5v, 1A.

Thanks for the replies, much appreciated.  I spoke to Macally TS today, and the guy was vague and said iPhones are very sensitive and they put a resister inside… but he did confirm 5v output.

Sounds like you had better luck with TS, and it’s my understanding that with 1 amp my Clip will use only what it’s designed for, higher voltage being the killer.

Thanks again, Mike

Yep, higher amperage is just fine; the Clip just takes what it needs.  And now you also have a charger for other devices that might require a higher amperage.