Uploading voice recordings to Mac

I’ve had my Sansa Fuze for about two years, and was always using it on Windows/PC. Recently I’ve switched to a Mac (OS X version 10.6.2). I haven’t been able to see the files previously added to my Fuze through my Mac, but I’ve looked into this and I think I understand why. It’s not a big deal, I’m just going to delete my music from the Fuze and add it again through my Mac.

But, what I need off my Fuze is my voice recordings. But because when I open the Record file on my Mac, it is empty, I cannot simply copy the files onto my hard drive. Does anyone have a solution for me?

I don’t know why wouldn’t OSX see the files. But if windows does, you can always copy them to a pen drive in windows and then transfer them fromt he pen drive to your OSX.

Your PC was probably connecting through MTP mode via Auto Detect. Since your Mac doesn’t have Windows Media Player, Auto Detect connects through MSC mode, and files sent by MTP are invisible to your computer. I don’t use MTP or a Mac, so I can’t replicate your problem. 

Go to Settings/System Settings/USB Mode and make it MSC. Then try a new recording and see if it is visible. 

I believe your device has to be in MTP mode in order to access the Voice recordings, which is why you cannot see them while connected to your Mac. It requires an MSC connection.