Fuze and MacBook problem - a little different than the others?

Recently got a Mac. When I plug the Sansa Fuze (which I love) into the USB it recognizes it, and puts two folder icons on my desktop. One is Sansa Fuze and one is No Name. When I look at the No Name folder, MUSIC directory, it shows all my wma etc files on the SD card in my fuze. Great!

But when I look at the Sansa Fuze folder, MUSIC directory, it doesn’t show anything, even though I have lots of music on the player that is not on the SD card. 

How can see/work with those files? That is about 80% of what is on the player, I need to see it. And why does it show the files on the SD card just fine but not the others? I even tried taking the SD card out and then connecting and it still won’t find anything in the MUSIC folder. 

Help! (and thanks)

I don’t don’t why, but could the files be ‘hidden’?

Could they be? I don’t know. I didn’t hide them. How would I check that?

I don’t do Mac, but if there’s something like in Windows (right-click on the file) where there’s a ‘Properties’ option that would tell you all about the file(s).

Didn’t see anything like that…

There is a “get info” but everything looks set up the same as the other one (for the SD card) that works…

Try switching USB modes (Settings/System Settings/USB Mode)  to MSC. Auto Detect should do that automatically but you never know. Have you ever connected the Fuze to a Windows Computer? Because if you did songs may have been transferred in MTP mode instead. MTP works with Windows Media Player, which is obviously not on your Mac. 

Your computer only sees one USB mode at a time. So if files were transferred via MTP, the Mac won’t see them.