Updater issue--> No Songs

I have a new Clip 8Gb. Mode was set to MSC and I had 7Gb of music installed.

I later ran the updater and it went smooth.

After running updater, the Clip does not see my songs/artists/albums.

The computer *does* see that I have the same 7Gb of music when connected to the computer.

Thanks in advance.


Scottsdale AZ

Try putting on another song in MSC mode and see if it shows up.

I just checked my SETTINGS and the updater changed my mode to Auto Detect.

Could that be it?

It was MSC

Well, when you said your computer could see the songs that you had loaded previously via MSC, I assumed your player was still in MSC mode.  You may want to switch between MSC and MTP (don’t do Auto Detect) and see what you can see on your Clip.

I switched to MSC.

Now my Sansa Clip works. Operationally I can play the music.

But, I cannot get the computer to see my music.

Before I upgraded the firmware, my songs ( all albums and full concerts) were under the heading of *Albums*.

After the firmware upgrade, the Albums file is no longer available.

So while plugged into the computer I cannot see my music. I cannot selectively remove 1 or 3 albums or shows because they do not show up while connected to the computer.

Your computer, when connected to the Clip in MSC mode, only sees files on the Clip that were transferred in MSC mode; likewise as to MTP mode.  My hunch is that the music you can’t see had been transferred over in MTP mode (the Clip in Auto USB mode defaults to MTP mode).  If you can change the mode to MTP, you may be able to see the files on your computer. 

I believe that this may be what happened.

Thanks for everyone’s interest in advising me.


Scottsdale AZ

Cool.  Best, now, to set and keep your Clip set to either MSC or MTP USB mode.  Before you do so, if your music is part MSC and part MTP, set your Clip to the mode you’re not going to use in the future, transfer the music under that mode back to your computer, change the Clip to the mode you’re going to use, and then transfer your music back.  That way, you’ll be able to see all of your music on your computer from here on out.