Music not visible after firmware update

I have a Clip+ 4GB that was working just fine. I updated to the latest firmware and when I rebooted, all the Music folders were empty. I can connect to Win7 or XP and when looking in folders, they are all empty. However, the drive shows that 2.56GB’s of the drive are full.  I am unable to access the drive with GetDataBack or any other recovery program.  Also, the music was originally on another computer that is now dead, so I have no backup.   Is there any way to recover the music? It seems to still be there, but just not visible by the Clip+ or WinOS. Thanks

Updating the firmware resets the player’s USB mode to “Auto Detect”. This setting connects in MTP mode when available, otherwise it connects in MSC mode. Files transferred in one mode are invisible to your PC when connected in the other mode. Try switching to MSC (under Settings>System Settings>USB Mode), then reconnect to your PC. The files will likely be visible again.

Tried that. I can see only empty folders. However switching to MSC has finally given me a drive letter and GetDataBack is now scanning the drive.  It’s almost like there’s an invisible partition.  No Drive Letter was assigned in MTP Mode and also it showed Duplicate folders in MTP mode for everything. All were empty.

Do you get the same result if you set the USB mode on the player to MTP mode, or to Auto? (And you might try disconnecting and resetting to MSC mode as well, to see if it takes this time.) You also could try reapplying the latest firmware, in case the firmware became corrupted.