Files no longer showing in Windows since firmware Upgrade to .35


I upgraded from 2.01.32 to 2.01.35 and even though I can see my music files in the player, when I connect to windows it sees the space is taken, but see the files as hidden. Any one know how to unhide or access them?


Firmware update sets usb mode to what Sansa wants rather than what you had before. Change usb mode in settings to what you had which was most likely MSC mode.

When you update the firmware, the Clip’s USB Mode (MSC or MTP, or Auto) gets reset to Auto.  Simply set it back to what it was, under Settings.  (Your computer can only see the files on the Clip that were transferred to the Clip under the USB connection mode that the computer then is connected to the Clip under.)

I hope this does it for you–

FIXED!!! You’re both bloody legends mine was set to MTP, weird as I never knew about it so wouldn’t have changed it. Can see everything now. Thanks again for all your help. Also what’s the differebce between MSC & MTP, is one better to use? Or just leave on Auto. I’m using Windows 7 x64.

Thanks Again

Info. on MSC and MTP USB modes:

You also can do a search here, using the search box at the upper left.

Basically, MSC and MTP modes are the 2 different ways your Clip can connect to your computer for the same purpose:  the transfer of files (and seeing what is stored on your Clip).  MSC mode is the older (and often less problematic) mode, in which your Clip is seen like an external drive like a USB thumbdrive.  MTP mode is newer and requires a driver found in Windows Media Player 10 and above (which is why you need WMP on your computer if you are using MTP mode).

Either mode will work, and you can use whichever you like.  But note that when your player is connected to your computer under USB MSC mode, your computer only sees the files that had been transferred to the player when the player was connected under MSC mode.  Likewise as to MTP mode.  Regardless, all the files show up and are playable on your player, under whatever USB mode setting.

A good reason why some people prefer to set the USB Mode on their player to either MSC or MTP:  on the Auto setting, the player tries to connect under MTP mode but then will fall back to MSC mode if the MTP connection does not work; the result being, you may have a mix of MSC and MTP mode transferred files on your player, making some of them not visible on your computer without switching to the other USB mode. 

Because MSC mode is more universal (playing with a broader range of operating systems, including Linux and on Macs, and without a need for Windows Media Player on the computer), some people prefer MSC mode.  However, note that DRM (digital rights management) files need MTP mode–they will not transfer sufficiently (the DRM license will not transfer) under MSC mode.