Unknown Artist/Unknown Album when playing


I just copied music to the music folder.

In very many cases display shows “Unknown Artist/Unknown Album” when playing.

(some others are working)

The titel entry is there, but neither under “Album” nor “Artist” it is listed.

So you can’t select that Album or Artist at all.

Directory can by seen and played with WMP without problems.

What might be the reason for that?

The player reads and displays information contained in the ID3 tags of the files, NOT the file name itself.

Your ID3 tags are either missing, wrong format or need editing so the player can read them. MP3Tag is the preferred (& free) tag editor.


thanks for the information.

As for playlists the ID3-Tags are not used but the path I could set them up to play the desired files.

(of course Album name is not shown, according to your hint)

I’ve used mp3tag to retag the songs  with ID3v2.3.  They have Title, Artist, and Album… All the songs still end up under Unknown album / unknown artist , they do have the correct titles.   What is the correct version for the tag?

ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1