clip sport - unknown (album)


I have an issue with unknown album on my Clip sport.

Looking under an artist, I have 3 albums + unknown (album). Under unknown there are 2 songs, which

belong to 2 of the the 3 recogninized albums. Can’t get them where they belong on my player.

Already checked alle song-properties (artist-album) of these 2 items, they are similar to the songs who are in the right place.

Any sugestions?

And so, are you saying that the ID3 tags for the problematic files are all filled in, and correctly?

Yes, I used copy-paste, checked and dubbelchecked 

Desided to remove both albums. Converted the music files a second time and copied them to te player. Problem solved.


Good for you.  The mystery glitch hits again . . . .   :wink:

Glad to see this worked in the end. I’m sure that this is not the last issue but I’d take the work around. <img src=“”/>