two problems

Just bought a Sport clip,pretty good sound.and decent battery,

Just two things i can’t do,one is add album art to my albums,some have automatically gone on(nirvana-nevermind)but there are a few that won’t go on,i have added the file(album art)to the album file like shown on youtube but this doesn’t seem to work,there only tiny sized as well.

Also some albums,say a double cd greatest hits-it will list them as two in the album folder,yet some albums which are two cds-it just sticks them all together like a random bunch on 39 songs and not in order.


Any help would be great

Thank You 

I hope a few guru-level SanDisk users will also reply within the next few days.

  1. About Album Art:

     Use ID3 tags set as ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1

     Use jpg clip art files with dimensions no larger than 200 x 200 pixels; DPI no larger than 96; delete all EXIF data.

  1. About 2CD compilations:

     On your computer, put all the audio files in one subfolder (all 39).

     Then, add 2-digit sequential prefix numbers to the filenames in the play order order you want (starting with 01, 02, etc)

     Then, while your PC is displaying the files in your preferred play order, copy the files to the subfolder on your Clip Sport

       [These instructions should be helpful if you will be using FOLDER PLAY MODE}

     FOR MUSIC PLAY MODE, you should use the same 2-digit prefixes in the track # field in the ID3 tags.

        And, make sure there is a single album title for the music files from CD1 + CD2.


Hopefully, these instructions will be useful and you will start to enjoy using your new Clip Sport