Unknown Artist, Album, Genre, etc. Still With New Firmware

I have the 2GB model with an 8GB microSD card.  I can sync perfectly fine with the internal memory using WMP 11 and ALL data tag information AND album art works perfectly fine.  When I sync to the memory card (when inserted in the device and connected via USB), I lose ALL tags AND album art and end up with a single list of 1950 unknown songs.  Why is there a difference between internal memory and the expansion card when there are no changes to the settings or sync connection method?  I even have the new firmware installed and it still doesn’t work.  How do I get my device to stop stripping ID3 and album art when I sync with the expansion card?  I even sync’ed with internal memory and then copied to my desktop, deleted original data on internal memory, and then copied from the desktop to the expansion card (because you cannot drag-and-drop anything from internal memory to expansion card or vise-versa) thinking it had something to do with the device formatting data differently between the internal and expansion memory when sync’ed…still no luck.  Any help would be greatly appreciated since I have spent many hours trying to tweak stuff to get this thing working and I’m on the verge of returning it for a refund.

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Which USB mode setting are you using?

Which firmware version do you have?  Upgrade to version 1.01.11 if you dont have that one.

I suggest trying to start off by formatting your card and test a couple of songs.

Try using MTP mode as your USB setting i you have not done so. 

I have 1.01.11 installed, I have formatted my card several times, I have tried both USB modes as well as auto, and I have tried on both USB1.1 and USB 2.0 slots.  Like I said, the sync to internal memory works great but it can’t hold everything I have so I am trying to sync into the microSD with it inserted into the player and it removes all traces of ID3 information.  I tried to sync with just the card by itself and it also erases ID3 info.  I tried to sync with another card and also a hard drive by themselves and they also erase ID3 info.  Nothing I have has DRM so that can’t have anything to do with it.  I guess a better way of asking the question is “how does the Fuze keep the ID3 info intact during a sync with WMP11 when a stand-alone storage device sync using the identical settings end up scrubbing that info?”.

This is the only piece of information in WMP11 that relates to the issue I am having:

 Does the Player support ID3 tags?

Yes. The Player reads and writes media information in the ID3v2 format. It can also read media information in the ID3v1 format.

ID3 is the name of a standard used to add media information to a digital media file. ID3v1 is the first version of this standard. ID3v2 is the second version.

and there are zero options for ID3 configuration anyways.

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This is a weird problem. Generally the ID3 tag information comes from the Files themselves.  In the case of the internal storage of the Fuze,  the MTP database contains much of this information, and is converted to the devices UI database.  FOr the external card,  the inforamtion is extracted from the files themselves.

So from what you have described, it appears that WMP is stripping off the ID3 information from the files themselves during transfer.  But  the MTP data transferred containes the Tag metadata. 

I am not that familiar with metadata but if that is possible then I guess so.  I know that the ID3 information is available after sync on the SD card until it is removed from the computer and re-inserted.  I can leave the card in the computer after syncronizing and come back hours later and the ID3 info is still all intact.  If I remove the card for even a single second and put it back in, all ID3 information is missing.  It almost looks like it has tried to include the ID3 info in the files but gets lost somewhere and only temporary ghost ID3 info is stored in the player.  When the card is removed, the temporary ID3 info gets deleted and then when it is inserted again, that info is missing.  Something is trying to transfer it to the sync’ed files but it never gets permanently saved to them and instead is just temporarily connected through some kind of referencing protocol that lets the player know the device is still connected and to keep the ID3 data intact until disconnect.  I agree though, it is definitely NOT IN the file itself.  It may also be that there is a kill code placed on the ID3 which erases upon re-insertion.  That would be more like a virus though and I have VERY GOOD virus protection through multiple protection applications always running and have never once had to remove one after infection because they are always caught before they get a chance to execute in the kernel.

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FYI, I’m having the same issue with a new Fuze with the latest firmware version pre-installed and using a Mac in MSC mode (dragging and dropping mp3s from iTunes).

The Problem is WMP11.  I downloaded the full version of WinAmp for 20 bucks and it doesn’t erase ID3 tags.  Although, I still haven’t figured out how to get the album art to transfer correctly to the Fuze through Winamp.