unit turns itself back on after power down redux

Sorry, I inadvertently closed my previous case.  It may indeed be possessed but let’s try that again.

I use my e280 during my morning workout.  I have turned it off and gotten the normal “Goodbye” message and come back the next day to find that it’s playing or that it has played and discharged the battery.  Any ideas?

After you turn it off, put the hold switch ON. That way if any buttons get bumped it just says “hold” and shuts right back off.


That’s a good idea.  The problem happened again today; I came in this evening and pushed the center button and the display lit up.  Just for something to try, I reloaded the last firmware upgrade thinking something might be corrupt in the last load.  I’ll watch it for a while and if it keeps starting, I’ll use your switch idea.  I honestly don’t think the power switch is getting bumped because it’s in the accessory leather case and you have to be very deliberate to turn it on.  Thanks for your input.