Brand new e280 if frozen


I got my e280 about a week ago. I have loaded and unloaded songs and video with no problem. Last night I went to turn it off and it got to a goodbye screen and froze there. After about a half hour I did the “hold the power button for 30 sec” thing and now the screen is solid white. I can’t turn it off or on.

Any suggestions? Is there a way to disconnect the batteries? Help!

To take out the battery you have to remove the 4 lil screws on the back of it.

Holding the power button  down for a while should do the trick though.

I’ll give the power button a last try tonight. Have you ever heard of the power button trick not working?

Hopefully removing the batteries and replacing them will clear everthing and it will come back up.

Well some good news (although not due to anything I did :stuck_out_tongue: )

Before I got to disconnect the battery, it simply ran out of power. I plugged it back in to charge and now everything seems OK.

Thanks for the advice.

More then likely Stan, doing what Enigma said would have done the trick as well :smileyvery-happy:

When it turned off, it was able to power cycle itself. Which is what Enigma was getting at I think…

How do you like your e280? I love mine. I take mine everywhere I go. :wink:

Thanks for this 30 sec information!  My e280 screwed up (maybe low batt?), but the blue LED was lite and the screen was black.  Once I held the power button (lower left) for 20 sec’s it powered down.  Now once I connected it to the USB it came alive!

Good thing too, as I am in Afghanistan supporting our Troops here!  And let’s face it, there ain’t no major retailers where I could have brought this unit back for advice.  I was ready to toss it this morning!

Good thing for this fourm!  I’ll have to bookmark it for future ref.  Now I’ll just slide through to see what other sort of issues I may have with this unit out here in No Man’s Land!

Tnx again All!

Michael David Hiltner

SNC-Lavalin PAE

Camp Refueler

Kandahar Air Base