e280 sync problems


can anyone tell me what to do? everytime i plug my e280 into the pc it connects, disconnects, turns the mp3 player off, turns it back on and keeps doing that over and over. My pc doesn’t even recognise it anymore when it does connect.

I’ve downloaded the firmware update but it doesn’t help and it’s the same in both USB modes. I presume it must be my mp3 player as my dad’s got the same mp3 player and that works fine on the same pc. Apart from that it’s workin fine, I just can’t add or delete anything from it :cry:


Put it in recover mode HOLD -> REC -> POWER and see if it connects, if it does, reload firmware. Hopet his helps :slight_smile:

Oh, and also see if it does the same on different computers.

wow thanks, that worked reli well ^.^


just formatting it now n hope it won’t brake again :smileyvery-happy:

Glad I helped :slight_smile: