Unable To Update Firmware Through USB


I am trying to update my Sandisk Extreme 240GB R201 to R211.

Everytime when I try to update from USB, the screen is always stuck on:

SYSLINUX 4.05 EDD 0x4f98298d Copyright (C) 1994-2011 H. Peter Anvin et al

Loading /bzImage…

Loading /ramdisk.gz…ready.

Anyone help? Thanks!!!

No one???

there was one other report of a similar issue. iirc the issue was related to the hardware of the host and the Linux kernal of the update tool. they were not playing well together. you can try using the CD instead of the USB but you will likely see the same issue. It would probably be easiest if you connect the SSD to a different machine and update from there. it can be connected a a secondary drive as long as it is connected to a SATA port. a laptop could be used as well since you will never boot from the SSD and only boot from the USB  or CD. 

Thanks a lot for your suggesstion. I will try it.