SSD Sandisk Firmware update Fail !!! please help

hello i bought new sandisk extreme 240gb sata 3  SSD, when i tried to update the firmware, i got fail update message, how can i fix it? here is the picture of it.

if you are using USB to run the update try the creating the CD or vise versa. If you get the same error then there is likely an issue with the drive and it would need to be replaced. 

Hi there, I got the same error.

The disk was working fine (two partitions, one for the OS the other for games :slight_smile: ), then I decided to try dual boot with EFI system (windows and ubuntu) and learned the hard way that the tech is not reliable at its current state, so I tried to reinstall the OS(Windows 8) and got **bleep**iest performance ever, the system freezes a lot, and then l tried to update the firmware but it fails the same way as in the picture.

Do I really need to change it??

is it the final statement from Sandisk?

appreciate the reply.