Unable to see files on iphone 7

After using this device successfully several times, it now is unable to see any files on my iphone 7 with ios 14.6. I have checked settings multiple times, restarted phone, and reloaded the app, all to no avail. In settings, there is no selection to allow access to my photos. It also does not see any of my music files. The only choices are Siri & search, Background app refresh, cellular data, and document storage. another iphone has many more choices, including photos and the device functioned normally. any help would be appreciated.

Hi @pr1952,

Connect drive in PC and Manually update the firmware of ixpand drive with the help of windows PC with provided link :iXpand Mini Firmware Update Tool for PC

Please follow the link to format the iXpand drive with help of PC: Formatting a memory card, flash drive or device using a PC

Please follow link to check steps copy files from your iPhone or iPad to the iXpand USB 3.0 : Copy files from your iPhone or iPad to the iXpand USB 3.0

Hope it helps!!

Thank you. I looked into firmware, got a message saying it was up to date, will check again and try formatting procedure.

I have done all this. Still cannot see any files on iphone, photo’s, videos, or music. What next?

Go to Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive and try to turn off apps with missing documents, restart the device, then turn them back on. Go to Settings> iCloud> iCloud Drive and turn off iCloud Drive, restart the device, and turn iCloud Drive back on.

I have done all this and still get “there are no files to show” for any sort of file type. When I try to copy a file from the drive to the phone I get "cannot access photo library. Please enable access to your photo library in the settings app. When I go to settings I see 5 categories I can allow the drive to access. These are Siri and search, Notifications, Background app refresah, cellular data (grayed out), and document storage. There are no options in any of these to allow drive access. I get the same message when trying to copy a music file to the phone.