Unable to delete ¯§ÞJãß~2 and folder please help!

Hi! Not only I use my Sansa express to listen to my music, I also use it to transport and keep files such as txt, pictures and so on. The bad thing now is I cannot delete a certain folder with hidden files. When I uploaded the folder with some files, i didn’t know about these hidden files. The name of the hidden files is ¯§ÞJãß~2

It is a SDT-file, whatever that is. Whenever I tries to delete the files I  get this messages that I cannot delete this file “Det går inte att ta bort fil. Det går inte att läsa från källfilen eller källdisken.”  Another one says that they do not exist, but still they are there and annoys me. Why is this happening and how do I delete them? Do someone else have the same problem?



Sounds like it’s just some corrupted files to me.  The easiest option is to format the device through the Settings menu.  Otherwise, you can force it into MSC mode and run checkdisk.

To force MSC:  http://forums.sandisk.com/sansa/board/message?board.id=express&message.id=1013

To check for errors:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/315265

Oh thank you so much, I thougth this was a way too hard nut for ya to crack. Looks like I have no other options but to format the device.

I’ll tell you this, something stupid happened now. I thought:

  • Hey, lets try to move the whole folder to my desktop and se whats happening!

And so I did. It didnt move the folder, it just copied itself to my desktop and Now, I cant get rid of it from my computer!! It says like “You dont have the permission to do this action” :b I am so mad! So now I have to format my computer too? This sucks! And on top of that, I deleted the Recycle Bin so now I cant find that! Unlucky, arent I?

Again, thanks for the help.

You can’t really delete the Recycling Bin…  just remove it from the desktop.  I’m not sure how you did it so I can’t really say how to reverse it easily, but this should work in most cases:  http://support.microsoft.com/kb/810869.

As for the file that can’t be deleted from the computer now…  you might need to log in with the Administrator account, otherwise you might need to try deleting the file from the Recovery Console.  As for how you do either…  well, Google is a beautiful thing. :smiley:

Well, with stupid windows vista it is possible to delete Recycle Bin… from the desktop. No worries about that, I found a solution and it is back on the desktop.

Thanx for the link anyway (:

You mean I should log in with the administrator account? Well lets see, … wait, I already is the administrator of this computer and logged in with that Xb

But no worries for the “unable to delete file” thing either. When I recovered the Recycle Bin I was able to delete it.

But still everything else sucks! Vista is just terrible with its security rules and these stupid messages that demand me to confirm every action I want to do.

Not even when I want to defrag the computer they wont leave me alone. You know what I mean? And nothing is compatible with vista, I mean Nothing. Infact, the whole technolegy is against me! My crappy Sansa Express, my two computers, tablet, even my radio wont work properly. Sorry, I had to let it out, feels good :]

Thanx for all the help and if I ever need some help I’ll give you a call :smileyvery-happy: