Unable to delete file in sansa express and unable to transfer to sansa express


Recently, i have this problem of not able to delete files/songs in my sansa player and the error message i receive is this is write-protected. I am using vista o/s system.

I also tried to transfer files to my mp3 player and the message i received is that the device is not in use, even though my computer recognise the existence of sansa express.

I have tried to format the internal memory and external card of 1 gig each, and reinstalled the firmware, but to-date the above problems still exist. I really don;t know what to do, can anyone advise me what to do ?

Infact, the computer only recognise my internal memory of 1 gig but ignored the existence of my external memory card. any advise ?



Regarding on your concern it seems that the microSD card is having an issue, try first the micro sd card on a computer or other devices and let us try to format the card, and ergarding your internal memory try to format the player using your computer and let us try to retransfer the songs. :wink:


i have already formatted the internal memory of the player and the micro sd card, and reinstalled the firmware, but the problems which i have mentioned still exist.


When you fromat the internal memory does it deletes everything? Did you try the microsd card on any other device or tried it on your computer if you can access it or not? If you can format the internal memory but not the card you might need to replaced the card but if the internal memory cannot be formatted you can contact Sandisk hotline to ask for a replacement if you MP3 player is under 1yr warranty. :wink:


thanks for your reply.

I use the format feature under the sansa express feature. It shows all files being deleted. I wonder whether the storage in the player has been corrupted. Anyway, i did enjoy 1.5 years of good use of the player. It is a good player despite the problems reported in the forum.

This sansa player has very good retrieval system, clear sound, and what i also like is that the player allows one to continue the songs when it is switch on again.Anyone can recommend another brand of player of all features? thanks

Im really sad to hear that but if you did already update the firmware of your express its better to try it again because it does for me, you can follow these procedures;


And regarding on player with same functions I can recommend Sansa Clip. :wink: