Corrupt folders

got my SANSA today, all worked fine.
After a while a folder got corrupt.
“Cryptical” folder and filenames.
The player says “defective track” or something like that.
Of course I can not delete those corrupted files under WIN.

What would be a solution?

Send it back to the dealer?
Or should I format the whole flash-memory under WIN,
to get rid of those folders.
Do I get the required software of the player under your homepage?

best regards


I say format under WIN. should fix the issue i think

Hallo enigma
(have you ever seen one of those machines?)
There exsits a programmed simulation, I have heard.
Living in Germany I know a lot about their history of course.
Will try formatting tomorrow.

best regard


No sure what your talking about.
I thought WIN just meant WINdows. Maybe I was wrong in assuming.

Message Edited by Enigma on 08-06-2007 05:19 PM

Of course mean MS-WINDOWS.
Sorry for misunderstanding

When talking about your nickname : “enigma”.
I thought about encrypting machines in WWII.

The format of the sansa is fat16, is’n it?

Hello ,
after formatting all works fine again.

To aviod those problems:
You NEVER should unplug the player in “unsafe mode” under WIN.
Under LINUX unmounting of the device is recommended.

best regards & thank you for helping