Unable to Connect Sansa Fuze on Vista

I’ve tried about a half-dozen different recommended solutions on here and I’ve had no luck with getting the Fuze to communicate with my laptop in Vista.

I have Windows Vista Home SP2.

Windows Media Player is Version 11

I’ve tried using Auto Detect, MTP, and MSC on my Fuze.

The current problem is that it installs the drivers as an Unknown Device.  I uninstall the driver, disconnect the fuze reboot and the same issue.

I try doing this and changing from MTP to MSC, same issue.  MSC to MTP, same issue.  I delete the drivers while in Safe Mode.  Same issue.  I’m at a loss of what to do here.

Put it in MSC and try to connect on someone else’s computer. It could be something as basic as a bad cord.

If your laptop has more than one USB port, try a different one, or even just make sure your cord is seated properly. One day I thought my player was going all screwy on me, and as a last resort I decided I would remove the cable from the port on the back of my computer and try one of the other 7 or 8 empty ports, and once I poked my head back there, I saw that the cord had gotten tugged at by my wireless adapter’s cable and it wasn’t all the way in. Just re-seating it solved the whole problem. Good luck!