My Fuze will not connect

I just bought it this morning. My laptop runs Windows Vista, but I have a desktop that runs XP. i have tried connecting it in both and neither computer will recognize the device. It charges just fine, but will not connect and show up anywhere. I’ve gone through pretty much everything on this post but still no joy.

Is it a faulty one or am I being an idiot about something?

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Sounds like a faulty one.

The computer (either Vista or XP) should recognize the Fuze without any problems.  Which USB mode are you using?  Turn on the Fuze and under settings, put it in MSC Mode.  Plug it in, the computer should recognize the player as a standard USB mass storage device.  If that doesn’t work on either computer, I would assume that something is faulty (either the Fuze itself or the cable you use to connect it to the computer).   

I tried both modes and every USB port on my computer. Just my luck, huh? *sigh*

As I suggested to someone else, exchange it asap and get to enjoying it. They are pretty reliable players. Occasionally they break. Don’t get frustrated, just get an exchange.

Yeah sounds like you just have bad luck.  But it happens, nothing is perfect (especially with electronics).  That’s why they have a 1 year warranty with the player, just bring it back in and exchange it for a new one.