unable to access my Sandisk Cruzer 8gb SDCZ36

  Was originally running Windows XP Pro Edition with Sandisk Cruzer 8gb SDCZ36 installed. It was given the designation E drive and everything was working correctly. Had a system crash and had to do a clean install. Now when attempting to access my Sandisk Cruzer it comes up asking to insert a disk into drive E. Tried to recover the information with my recover program to no avail. How can I access my Drive or recover the info from it. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated. Thank You.

XP is horrible with assigning drive letters to USB devices.  Try one of these ideas;  Use Disk Management to rearrange your drive letters such that the Cruzer gets the E: drive again.  Check your C:"Documents and Settings_your userid_\Owner\Application Data"\ folder for a U3 folder.  If found, and the Cruzer has been removed, delete it.