unable to access my 8 GB sdhc card

bought 8 gb sdhc card 3 monhs ago,when inserted this to laptop its ask me to format but uable to complete,error message ‘windows was unable to comlete the format’.i dont know whats the problem with sanddisk ,have faced the same problem 2 years ago with 2 gb card.plz help

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I just had the same problem…My Samsung galaxy note 2. I bought an 8gb and a32 gb had tons of precious pics of my grandchildren on them. Now the cards don’t work.I get a message to insert the “disc card”…our that it has “been removed”…time to switch to another brand

Same problem. SDHC card from sandisk worked fine for 3 months in my mobile (samsung s4 mini). then it uninstalled itself and now can not be recognized. Trying in PC says it need to be formatted.

How can I recover my pictures being on the card, Trying Recuva gives fault message “unable to determin file system”

Obviously sandisk is not good given all the threads about these problems, what brand to buy?