my hd2 show me this message "the storage card has been damaged and unable to be formated"

my new 16gb micro sdhc card suddenly stoped and i tried to connect  it to different pcs by usb and reader  but show me this message “please insert a disk into drive”

i also tried to formate it by the phone but i get this mess “the storage card has been damaged and unable to be formated”

it is china manufacture and i do not know if it fake or the original manufacture

how i can solve this problem ???

I have just had exactly the same problem with my 32Gb card … my laptop now says that the card is 8mb but unusable :angry:

:angry:My 32Gb card just did the same thing… i was loading it for the first time and it failed, now the card will not format, and my laptop says that it is not formated … so it does not work :angry:

if the cards cannot be formatted then they are bad and will need to be replaced. contact sandisk support they will be able to verify authenticity and provide warranty service if applicable.