Need to get files of Micro SDHC Card

I will try explaining this as best as I can…

I have a 8GB Micro SDHC card. I need to recover old photos on this Micro SD card.

When Plugged into 2 laptops nothing at all is detected under omputer, or disc managment.

When Plugged into my other computer it states I need to format the card, windows 7 fails to format the card (As does SDFormatter applications, and 2 diffreint phones I have plugged into)

I have tried every single recovery program out there, however the card has changed to RAW and only displays a maximum size of 30.6MB instead of the full 8gb.

Sandisk tells me I need to spend $175 to send it somewhere and have the card read which is insane. I have seen many topics on this while doing my research however no answers for this. Maybe someone found out how to resolve this issue?

There must be some program or guide out there when I can recover my old photos. I would love any help on this issue!

Also would it matter if instead of an SD card adapter I get one for USB could that even change this case? Also I am going to walmart to try plugging the MIcro SD card directly into the photo machine but I don’t have much hope for that.

Sorry to inform you but there’s just nothing else that you can do here. I think you just hit a dead end.


My situation is my SDHC card taken on camera. Having SDHC card 8B checked on PC left 74MB free of 98MB.

Im very anxious to get those photos which I have taken along the way, incl. wedding photos.

When I insert card into camera, only 2 options, power off or format. When I slot card onto reader on PC, it cannot detect the drive. When I connect via usb cable on laptop, the files are not there either. I suspect there is somewhere bios update that are not aware of.

If any one knows of solutions or alternative methods in trying out, pls share information with me please! I really headache and heartache …

Thanks very much

The dread “memory card is not formatted” error message generally indicates memory card problems. This can occur for many different reasons including virus infection, memory card problem, power surge, or problems with the operating system. If you receive this type of error message, it is important that you act carefully to keep your important data safe.

  1. Do NOT click “Yes” to format the card in case that the formatting process makes things worse.

  2. Do NOT attempt to write anything new on this memory card in case of any data loss.

  3. Download data recovery software to help you. There are many data recovery tools out there. But, no all of them could be efficient and useful enough. You should pay much attention to opt for a proper one.

So, if you are interested, you can firstly try a memory card data recovery freeware :

It always can thoroughly scan a hard drive and do its utmost to restore all scanned data back successfully.

  1. Do not save or back up all the restored data on the same card in case of any data loss.

  2. After the data recovery process, simply format this card to see whether it can work functionally as before.

In the future, you should learn a lesson to be more careful about your data and always back it up well.

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