Ultra Plus SSD - Windows 7 Install does not detect C: drive - BIOS does.

Installing Windows 7 Home Premium 64bit on new Sandisk Ultra Plus SSD which will replace a crashed and unusable HD in my HP Touchsmart TM2-US1070 laptop.

I ran a BIOS HD test and it obviously detected the drive and tested it - 100% okay.

I set the BIOS boot order to boot from USB Windows 7 reinstall on a flash drive.

I set the BIOS boor order so the HD is second in line. 

Windows 7 install gets to point where it asks where I want to install and no drive is displayed.  I try to format C: and Windows cannot format C:\

Do need to provide SATA drivers?  Where can I get them?  Please help.  I’ve killed a day of my life on this.


i would suggest if possible to try a clean installation with a normal windows CD drive in order to make sure that the Windows system is working fine.

A clean installation is what I’m trying.  I have no CD drive.  I’m booting from a flash drive.  This is a clean installation on a never before used SSD drive…the only drive I now have.   I found some drivers to try but none were compatible with “the system”. 

Hi, I also have the same issue: after a clean Windows 7 pro SP1 installation, my PC needs a Windows DVD in the DVD drive to boot from Sandisk!! If I remove the DVD, BIOS does not find a bootable Disk. If I put the Windows DVD back into drive, system boots from SSD as it has to.

I have only two drives in my system: my Sandisk SSD Ultra Plus is connected to the first SATA3 port on ASRock P55 Extreme4 mainboard, and the DVD drive - to the forth SATA3 connector. Boot sequence set to SDD as first boot device and DVD-ROM as a second one.

If I remove the DVD-ROM from the list of bootable devices in BIOS, it does not boot at all, requiring a bootable media.

The two partitons on the SSD (one 100 MB and the system partition) were automatically set up and formatted during the Window Installation process from DVD.