Problems with installing ssd

I just got my ssd and installed it and its software. it shows up in the bios and in the sandisk software. I cant a problem with it not showing up in windows file explorer but in the bios and in sandisk software it does. Please help


in that case where you have a new ssd you first need to initialize and partition the drive within the disk managment. so in that case you can follow these steps to format the drive in order to show up in the explorer

We need to know more about how you got to where you did.

First of all, is this a fresh install or a clone?

Are you using Legacy BIOS or UEFI?

Going through the BIOS or EFI menu, is Secure Boot and TPM enabled or disabled?

What OS are you using?

Is the hard drive partitioned with NTFS or ExFat; and GPT or MBR?

If a clone, what software did you use to do the clone?–and how old is the original install of this OS? 

If a clone, what steps did you take to initially wipe and initialize the drive?

If a fresh install, did you delete ALL partitions on the hard drive and then do the install? (Win 10 will automatically create multiple partitions in addition to the C drive, such as an EFI/boot partition or a Recovery partition, for example)