Windows 10 Doesn't See My SSD

I have a new SSD Plus 480 GB which I want to clone my laptop HD onto.  I have connected the SSD using a USB/SATA cable and when I run Sandisk SSD Dashboard it recognises the SSD and gives me a load of information about it.  However, the SSD does _ not _ appear in Windows Explorer.  Is there something else I need to do, such as format the drive, or is there a fault?  The Dashboard offers options such as Secure Erase and Sanitize but I have no idea what these mean and the manual doesn’t throw much light.

the SSD does not come with any partition or file system. the cloning software does not need this so you can clone without formatting. If you want to format it first you can also do that in disk manager. once formatted it will show in explorer. 

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Thanks.  I have run Macrium Reflect and found a new problem!  It has cloned (apparently) the C drive but insists that there isn’t enough space for the D Drive as well, even though the numbers add up to less than the size of the SSD.  (The D Drive is a Lenovo partition which I have never accessed, so maybe it doesn’t matter, but I think it contains drivers).  I guess the only way I’m going to find out is by replacing the HD with the SSD and giving it a try!