Can't see SanDisk SSD Plus

I’m sure that this is already in the forums multiple places!  Just purchased an SSD Plus 240GB.  Prior to connecting the drive, I made sure all drivers and BIOS on the Dell Latitude E6410 were updated.  Placed SSD Plus in USB 3.0 drive housing and connected.  Could NOT see drive in Windows drive manager (e.g., my Computer).  Downloaded and ran SanDisk Dashboard and there it was!  Downloaded and ran free Apricorn software to clone drive, and all I got was driver errors.  Drive never copied past 50% and for every write, there was an equal number of write errors!  So I stopped the Apricorn clone process and re-ran, with same results.  Except now, SanDisk Dashboard reports that there is no SanDisk SSD attached!

What is wrong?  Where did it go?  How do I get it back?

Downloaded Macrium Reflect, it could see the SSD and cloned the HDD to the SSD.  Worked fine.  Using it as I write this.  Can’t explain what happened or why, but problem resolved.