Is my SanDisk Ultra Plus 256GB D.O.A. ???

So here we go!!! Got a brand spanking new factory sealed 256 GB Ultra Plus to clone and put in my laptop as my boot drive. The problem is my computer will not see it either in drive slot/bay #2 nor via a brand new external SATA to USB 3.0 powered drive docking station. 

When installed in drive bay #2 of my laptop & computer rebooted there is no identification of the drive to start any procedures. Also when I start the SanDisk SSD Toolkit v the drive is not found. After several reboots and looking around in my BIOS I had to move on to other avenues to get the drive recognized and then cloned.

So I open up a brand new SATA to USB 3.0 external docking station, hook & power it up, reboot my computer and insert the SanDisk SSD before powering it on. Guess what??? The SSD drive is not seen but the new docking station is recognized & installs the drivers for it. With the drive still in the external docking station I fire up the SSD Toolkit program and this time it does see the drive, identifies it, checks the firmware and declares it as the most current.

While in both laptop drive bay #2 and in the external docking station I booted up the software (EaseUS Todo Backup Workstation v 6.1) I was going to use to clone my boot drive to this new SSD drive and both times it does not see the drive. The new SanDisk SSD drive does get slightly warm down near the connectors in both installations. 

Any suggestions or does this sound like I got a D.O.A. drive??? Many thanks in advance for help and suggestions.

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Laptop - HP Envy 17-1190nr 3D


HD - 2 x 500GB (non boot drive removed to clone the SSD drive)

OS - Win 7 (64bit) Home Premium

External powered SATA to USB 3.0 docking station Rosewill RX-DU300

My SSD info

If the SSD tool kit sees the drive is is not dead. Before the drive will mount in explorer you would need to use disk managment to partition and format the drive.