Ultra microSDXC 64GB card left 27GB after reformatting on PC

Recently purchased an SanDisk Ultra microSDXC 64GB card for my phone. I wanted to transfer files from my PC to the card with a card reader, but it prompted me to reformat the card before it can be read from the PC. After I reformatted the card, the card’s capacity turned into 27.4GB. Read in another thread that it could be that the card reader not compatible with the 64GB card. Will I be able to recover the “lost” capacity if I use a compatible card reader to reformat the card again? Or it can no longer be recovered? Please help.

You can try to use recovery tool  such as Card Data Recovery or Tenorshare data recovery to scan your card, then you may be able to get back lost data. from SanDisk memory card.

Maybe your card reader or operating system does not support SDXC 64GB capacity. 

You may reformat your card on a Windows 7 computer by using a SDXC compatible card reader.

This method may fix it.