Ultra II SATA 480GB Bricked... advanced options?

Hi there, I have seen lots of posts here similar to mine about the SSD just ‘dissapearing’ from BIOS one day. Mine seems to be in the same boat after 1 year. However, I need to get some files off it. I notice there is a 14-pin PCB edge pad connector on the inside SSD PCB… can I attach to this via serial port like normal Western Digital hard drives and get some advanced diagnostics to the issue? I have had to do this in the past for other drives that have bricked due to internal errors etc and sometimes a flag can simply be reset to bring the drive back. Alternatively, I could confirm that the SATA interface is the issue and the data is intact?  

Since there are so many of us in this situation, can you please provide some advanced solutions… I understand that undertaking any of these steps would void my warranty.

I’m sorry but I have no idea about that.

But I recently lost power and now my SSD is half dead - bios can see it as does windows, but cant access files or format - with windows tools or 3rd party.

chkdsk just hangs and I get an error trying to do anything with easeUS.

On another note there is a post somewhere you can sign up and register your product and it will tell you if its still under warrenty (you will need the date of sale tho - I couldnt remember mine so i put anything and it just auto said it was out of warrenty i guess)