Sandisk Ultra II 480gb bricked

So I saw ther was a new firmware update for my ssd and decided to install SanDisk Dashboard and update it. I backed up the data on it ( mainly game installs) and ran the firmware update I was told to reboot so I did and when i logged back into Windows no drive.

I restarted the PC and went into the bios and nope no drive. I then log into Windows and open up disk managment and see the drive but I cannot initialize it just keeep getting errors the disk is too small.

Is this drive bricked and if so what recourse do I have as I’m pretty sure i purchased this drive in 2014/15 and It’s out of warrenty

try connecting it with just sata power and no data cable and let it set for about 30 mins powered up. if it is still not detected after that it is probably bricked. It has a 3 year warranty so it may be worth contacting sandisk support for a possible replacement. 

Thanks for the reply. I did just let it sit for over an hour with just the power on it ( connected it and left the house on an honey can you) and when I came back it wouldn’t  initialize. I checked and I still have a warrnty until Dec 15 so I submitted an RMA.