are u sure this method work? because i have the ultra flair 64gb and it’s not working to the sony cdx car player, it said “USB not supported” with the format exfat. But i will give em try ur method change to fat32. Thank You :smiley:


At last my ultrafit 32gig is working with my car audio, pioneer.

I initialized the USB and create a new primary partition

And then format it for FAT32  

What I did was,

  1. using diskpart (be CAREFUL when you do something with diskpark not to erase the other disks)
  1. list disk

  2. sele disk (### of your usb disk)

  3. clean

  4. create part primary

  1. Format USB as FAT32 with Windows Explore

I am not sure it will also work for others.

Hello, would this work with a 32gb Cruzer fit?

My car does not pick up the usb. The light flashes on the stick and thats about it. 


“Hello, would this work with a 32gb Cruzer fit?”

Probably.  Try it and report back your results.

I bought a 64Gb version to backup my cd’s to play in my new Nissan. It took a long time to rip my CD’s so I was looking forward to many hours of music on the road. However I quickly started to experience songs stopping for no reason. I also noticed that it was running ridiculously hot. btw I have 30 years experience in fixing computers as it’s my job. This drive runs way too hot, and in my opinion it’s a fault in the design. Certainly I have never come across a computer device that runs this hot.

Anyway I though I should backup the sandisk to my PC and soon found it kept crashing therefore I couldn’t backup the files. I am having to start all over again so really hacked off with sandisk. I wish I had ripped the cd’s to my hard drive first but I just didn’t expect the sandisk to be a problem.

Hi All,
I have JVC radio reciever KD-X230 and i use sandisc ultra fit 16Gb usb. I have some issues with this stick.
When i driving more than 30 minutes the radio stop playing music from the stick and writing “reading” for a long period. When i remove the usb is very hot and need 5 minutes to be unpluged to be capable to play again. Sometimes the radio turn of. I read on some forums that JVC had some issues whit this ultra fit usb and i would like to know if their has solution. From the forum of jvc told that their is no maximum capacity limitation, but in the manuals sad that the radio should work wit usb v.2. Mine is v.3. Also in the forums i read that their is no problems with Kingston or Sony usb. I would olso like to know if their is a chance this jsb to broke my radio? My warantie is valid till September…
Have a good day!
Best regards,