Problem with USB flash


Today I bought **bleep** Ultra Fit 64GB. I want to use this USB in car, so first I copyed few songs from my phone (Samsung galaxy S8). Car played this songs very well. So later when I came back to home I formatted this USB, copyed more songs I want to listen in car. After few hours I had to drive with my car, so I take UBS with me. And my car started to telling me “UBS not supported”. Is there chance I accidentally deleted starting drivers ? ( My PC telling me “Check the mistakes and repaire it” (Win 7) When I choose “Search and try to recover bad sectors” my PC stop working and tell my “Disk check cannot be performed because system windows cannot access the disk”

Can you please help my with this problem ? Or tell my what to do ?

Thank you a lot for any answers

PS: Sorry for my english


> So later when I came back to home I formatted this USB, 

In the future only buy used flash drives, they will be less expensive and probably already formated so when you reformat them it won’t matter.  Formating factory made flash drives is not a good idea and as you found can screw things up.

With the one you’re writing about you can try returning it to the store for a replacement.  Or send it to SanDisk for a free replacement but it will take longer to get.

Also, when using flash drives on Windows be sure to always use the Safely remove option to prevent the MBR from getting screwed up.

Reformat your flash drive with NTFS format. 

It might be possible that you have formatted your flash drive with different option (other than NTFS, FAT32) which is not supported by your Car’s system.

You can try to reformat the disk and paste a few songs in that.
I assure you, it would work fine.

Format the drive as FAT32; this is the most universally supported format in car audio systems. Not a good idea to format a flash drive as NTFS.