USB Flash Drive 3.0 Plays music fast forward in my car radio.

I just bought the SanDisk SanDisk Ultra Fit™ USB 3.0 Flash Drive 16GB the other day, and i put music on it through my computer.

I wanted to use it playing music in my car. However when i put the USB in my car radio the music starts playing fast forward… and its with every song i put on there… Is there a way i can fix this?? Or do i need to buy a different USb??

 Is there a way i can fix this?? Or do i need to buy a different USb??

Well, without knowing what kind of stereo system your car has, what kind of car it is, what app you used to create the music, what OS the app was run on, or how often you have created music flash drives for this car with this system I would have to say it’s the music.  It’s hip hop and has a quick beat to it.

Am I close?

Sorry couldn’t resist.  Actually I have no idea.  

hello, I have the same problem. I use Sony car hifi with 2.0 usb. The USB stick i use is a 3.0 nano. I just copy the songs directly as a map to my usb stick. It is formatted bij fat32. is this enough information?

I Have exactly the same problem.   It plays the music as if its skipping through it on my car stereo and even if I copy it to the storage in the car stereo, its still skipping through the music.  Now before anyone jumps down my throat and says its the car stereo, its definately not. 

It happens on ANY device I use the drive on .    If I copy music to it, when I try to play back from it on my laptop, it plays exactly as it does in my car.  If I plug it into my desktop it does the same.  So its a drive problem NOT a car problem.  Can anyone at Sandisk help, because this was sold to me as being compatible to play MP3s on  with my car and its not even compatible to do so with my PC.  (Or my wife’s Macbook).  

Thanks for any info or advice. 

there’s  others  with  the  same  issue … on  amazon  as  well  as  here  on  sandisk ( . ) via,  sandisk  was  aware  of  the  issue  late  last  year … and  was,  purportedly,  working  to  resolve  the  issue.

imagine  you  might  contact  sandisk  support  at  1-866-sandisk … or  submit  a  support  request  at  either  way … misleading  information  affects  us  all.

“even if I copy it to the storage in the car stereo, its still skipping through the music.”

This suggests (rather strongly) then that your skipping issue is a problem with the audio files themselves, not the drive.

What is the source of the files? Downloaded? From where? Bit-Rate & format? Ripped from your own CD’s? With what program? Is the software set to create/write ID3 tags? Do the files play OK on a computer?

Before taking the easy way out and blaming the device that is merely the storage medium (a high-tech bucket, if you will), you might consider spending some time and effort making sure what you put in this bucket is potable.

Why should were you downloaded it from be a problem? I just wanted an USB that could play mp3 music trough my car sterio… i had one crappy ass usb before this one that could do it so why not this one?? I think its pretty stupid… and then im being nice…

Why should were you downloaded it from be a problem?

Download interference could cause file corruption, original files could be corrupted.  it just adds another variable to the problem.

But why can a crappy usb do it normally? And this one wich is suppossed to be better cant?? :stuck_out_tongue:

The audio files play perfectly when I play them from source i.e.  from the folder on my PC.   As soon as they are copied to the thumb drive they play fast forward (skipping) on any device I plug the thumb drive into.  If I transfer them to another thumb drive that ISNT a sandisk they play perfectly.  The problem is with the thumb drive NOT the files NOT the PC. 

I honestly think these 2 “Gurus” dont get it.   Its happening to loads of people, yet they are still quite happy to blame anything but the actual thumb drives. How about instead of the condescending text, you actually try and find out why these thumb drives are not fit for purpose.  A bucket is fine but not when its got holes in it!  Theres a little analogy for you Tapeworm.   I bought mine in a shop in the UK (Glasgow).  I was assured it would be compatible with my car stereo.  Its not even compatible with my PC (or any other device).    

i had contact with Sandisk Netherlands today. They confirmed that there is a problem with the firmware. My USB stick will be replaced. So i suggest you to take contact with your sandisk office and ask for a new one.

The contacts on a USB 3 device are different than the contacts on a USB 2 device.  It is possible I suppose that one of the contact points, on the USB drive and on the USB port could need a brief cleaning.  Oxidation, smoke, dust could cause a problem.

I assume the other thumb drive that works is not USB 3.0?

Immediately after you copy the files from your pc to the thumb drive, and before you remove the thumb drive, do the files on the thumb drive play ok?

Looks like we cross posted.  hram found the solution.  Thanks for the update hram.

"i had contact with Sandisk Netherlands today. They confirmed that there is a problem with the firmware. My USB stick will be replaced. "

Oke really crappy im buying a different one… goodbeye Sandisk…

From Sandisk Customer Service:

Jennifer G.: We have verified a couple problems with using SDCZ43, SDCZ93 and some builds or SDCZ48 when used with car stereos. Some car stereos may not recognize the card or will playback songs at a higher tempo. We expect a fix for this issues to be put into production shortly. There will be no field firmware update available for this.

Me: When do you expect for it to be available?
Jennifer G.: We expect to have stock in 2 weeks that will work with your car stereo. At this time we can offer to notify you when stock is available for exchange or you can return the drive to the place of purchase.
 Me: How do I know if I am getting the newer version, or the same defective version?

Jennifer G.: Yes there will be a notification to you through email and then we will replace your defective product.

 Me: Sounds good.  Thank you.

Hopefully, that will happen. Looks like more than the Ultra Fit are affected.

I have a SDCZ43 32gb bought in January and it presents the same problem. Btw, it really pisses me off reading the support blaming the problem on everything but the drive when its obvious there problem is the drive itself. So here we go: Tested on both USB 3.0 and 2 ports in 3 different computers with songs ripped straight from a CD and they all played perfectly, but when tested on both my car and home stereo the music keeps skipping. Oh wait, I teste not one, not two but four different USB 3.0 flash drives and my old trusted Cruzer Fit 2.0 on the same stereos, with the same songs and they all worked perfectly. Tried ereasing the songs and copying them again from a different computer with the same result. Tried copying my MP3 folder, which my cruzer fit plays every single day on my car stereo, and guess the result: music skipping. 

Problems happen, but it is sad to see a company as big as Sandisk handle things like they don’t have a single ounce of blame instead of trying to help the consumers. Congrats on being the first company on my black list. Great products, horrible support.

How did you contact the company lcsolvr?  Phone, email, their website?  Their usual response is to send a replacement.

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gamo62 … thanks  for  your  feedback … hope  the  resolution  works  out  for  you (and others).

after  obtaining  the  replacement,  compare  the  numbers  on  back  of  the  drive,  gamo62 … and  list  both (old and new)  in  this  thread … so  we  other  customers  have  some  manner  of  reference.

Will do.