my Sandisk works fine on my laptop but cuts all track short in car

I have used Sandisk for a few years with no trouble in my car but recently all tracks get cut short, I bought a new Sandisk but it does the same.

many stereos won’t work with USB 3.0 try a 2.0 drive

It worked fine for three years, then started cutting tracks short, I live in the Canary islands and wondered if it was the dust/sand making the tracks jump?. Not sure what a 2.0 drive is !

Have you changed the stereo? or the car battery? Is your USB flash drive USB 2.0 or USB 3.0?

I Had the stereo checked in the garage and they said it was fine, the SanDisk was playing fine for more than three years, the only thing I can think of is that my friend put a load of music on to my laptop for me and I transferred then to the disk. I always had trouble transferring music from cd’s as they were protected, but never from the media on my laptop. I have tried using compressed air on the system but to no avail. The music plays fine just cuts each track short by at least half. I’m not sure if its 2.0 or 3. as I don’t know where to check that.

I recommend you format the usb flash drive with your laptop and test how it works with 10 songs

I have done that and it works fine on my laptop, all very strange.

Problem solved, there is a button on the car stereo that says “mix” must have got pressed by mistake, the Sandisk work fine again, I am so happy I am going to have sex tonight, oops sorry that should be SIX ( Pints) tonight.

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