Has anyone found a solution to this problem with Ultra Fit in Car Stereo?

Has anyone tried the Sandisk Cruzer Fit 2.0?

This is a really frustrating issue.

What does your Car Stereo manual say is the requirements for a USB drive? 

Ed P, I’m not even sure how you still have a job with anyone, let alone SanDisk. You are a horrible representative of the company.

I was brought to this thread because I’m having the same problem and the most you have to say is that it’s operater error. It’s ridiculous!

These are not random cases, it is across the board. I would like to think that you are acting independently and that SanDisk isn’t instructing you to deny, deny, deny. But then again, I guess it wouldn’t be surprising.

Is there a solution yet?

For what it’s worth, I think Sandisk is continuously finding a solution to this.

I have some what same problem playing songs in car usb stereo, but in my case the usb works ok for the very first time but if I change audio input option ( source button) to play radio or cd and then again want to play songs through usb drive it just hangs. The red led light is very bright when playing for the very first time but if I switch to radio or CD then again plays USB the led is very dim and it doesn’t play or hangs. IMO its something to do with power managment programe on ULTRA FIT USB which makes this hanging problem.

Officially not work on old car audio, only in modern versions. I recommended proceed to execute the official warranty and use version 2.0 for car audio.

same problem here.  2015 Pioneer head unit, USB skips like crazy.   trancend works fine, except that its huge and my usb port is on the front.  wish i could return this thing but i bought it a while back and just tried it out

Same Problem… Really frustrating… I have Pioneer 2015 headunit… all USB 2.0 work fine. I have tried multiple Sandisk USB 3 drives with multiple formatiing options… Never worked… 

Sandisk need to do better job in managing the backword compatibility. Although I must say the drives work fine on all other devices like my SOny TV, Home Theatre etc…

The issue to my mind is USB 3.0 copatibility.


Have you checked with the car manufacturer to see if they have an update to their USB 3.0 port?  How about the car’s audio device’s manufacturer for an update?

The USB 3.0 specs weren’t as tight as the USB 2.0 specs when they initially came out.  Different manufacturers could implement support differently.

After years of avoiding SanDisk like the plague at work and vowing never to return after a spait of rubbish flash drives in various mediums that saw massive amounts of data loss all too frequently, is too saw these Ultra Fit drives and thought, what the hell, they’re small and I just want something simple for music in the car, so I bought 3 of them, all IDENTICAL.

Two of them are fine in both factory and aftermarket headunits across a range of manufacturers (3 different generations and models of Volkswagen, a Land Rover, and a Pioneer head unit) but one of them outright refuses to work properly in any of the vehicles. It, like everyone elses, skips all over the shop, changes tracks randomly and its utterly unusable for this purpose.

Stop carrying on and telling us it is an issue with the vehicles or the headunits, and acknowledge the fact that SanDisk still produces rubbish, if 2 of the 3 identical drives work, and 1 doesn’t, then this is clearly an issue with SANDISK!

Clearly SanDisk products aren’t fit for any purpose, certainly not professional use - not even something as simple as storing music in a car. I’ll go back to avoiding SanDisk like the plague from now on, never to return.

Keep those Ultra Fit 3.0 away from your expensive equipment. I fried two computers by using an Ultra Fit 3.0 on each of them for a week. Never in ten years something like that had happened to me (scientific equipment). I had bought half a dozen for a Wii U, a phone, a Raspberry Pi. Last night I played “Let’s smash crappy products with a hammer” with my daughters. I would not want anybody picking them from the trash and fry their wares with them.

when you say that you fried 2 computers… is the USB drive dead or is the computer actually damaged? I have a few of these drives and they do get a little hot but I keep them plugged in all the time and it has never done anything to my computer. Also this thread has nothing to do with your post so start a new thread. Hijacking someone else thread is not helpful to anyone. 

The USB subsystem of two computers is dead. The flash drives were always connected, serving as main storage so there are constant writes. The heat issue may be nominal if this is mom’s photo backup, but my case is different. This scenario lasted a week. I change flash drives every two years, before they fail. No flash drive has failed in ten years before I schedule a change.

if you are using constant writes this is not the drive you should be using. This drive is not a write intensive product. it is not even a professional level product. You probably simply wore the drive out. 


I’ve also having troubles with my new Sandisk Extreme 16GB. Car stereo is made by Sony.

I’m not yet sure if problem is stereo or USB drive, but after reading this forum, i’m starting to think it’s


Car stereo says “Not supported”. I find it odd, these drives should be standard stuff. Previous

stick works quite ok, it is DeLocks’s very small stick, also 16GB. It works nicely while Sandisk’s


I’ve started dealing with problem by first trying to do Sandisk stick identical to DeLocks.

They’re both FAT32, 32k cluster, and diskpart in windows 7 reports them being same by attributes

and partition data (1 primary partition). Sandisk has little bit larger LBA, so I tried shrinking partition to

match DeLocks; no luck. For formatting. i always used win7 own format tool, nothing else.

There’s possiblity that Sony has some hardcoded list of “compatible devices” and it refuses all else.

Theres one notable difference, dispart says Delock is “Generic STORAGE DEVICE USB Device” and

Sandisk is “SanDisk Extreme USB Device”. Maybe headunit checks this string?

It’s hardcoded in stick, right? Another likely scenario is that it won’t work because it’s USB3 device

(stereo fails to make stick fall back to usb2 mode)

I’d like to know if this is possible to make this stick work in car stereo.

@brm wrote:


 Another likely scenario is that it won’t work because it’s USB3 device

(stereo fails to make stick fall back to usb2 mode)


This very well could be the case. You could open a support ticket with sony to see if there are any known issues with USB 3 devices. 

That said the issue in this thread was isolated to the cruzer Ultra fit. It was a FW problem IIRC and sandisk is replacing the Cruzer Fit devices that had the issue. 

Another possible reason could be how the drive is identified. SanDisk had some Extreme USB 3 drives that are identified as a local disk. Is your extreme identified as a Local drive or removable drive? If it is local drive (Fixed drive) this could possibly cause it not to work in the car stereo. 

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Thx drlucky for reply, and sorry for response taking so long!

I don’t think I wanna take this issue with Sony. Stereo is pretty old, 2008 device

anyway. I bought new Pioneer car stereo 2 years ago and I was surprised that 2013 device

still fails play files in alphabetical order and rather decides to play them in the order they are

present on FAT.

As a result, I dont trust car manufacturers in general to be able to build quality devices, much simpler

solution is to use ‘random’ car stereo as a slave and stream music from mobile device instead.

mp3 cabale players have been in market a decade now and still they manage to sell such rubbish.

My flashdrive is listed as ‘Removable’ (apparently same as fixed?) in  diskpart.

For me problem sort of solved…I have Alpine and indicated error.

I partitioned my ‘64 gb SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0’ into smaller parts via BOOTICE in FAT32. All good! it recognises & plays all songs.

Hi i got the scan disk ultra slim 128GB i finally figured out how to get it to work the problem is it has to be formatted to fat32 then the car radio can read them just fine you can format it using the program called  easeUS partition master   Just download the free version it works finer hen transfer music and it works in my 2009 Sony Xplod car radio  good luck 

Hi i got the scan disk ultra slim 128GB i finally figured out how to get it to work the problem is it has to be formatted to fat32 then the car radio can read them just fine you can format it using the program called easeUS partition master Just download the free version it works finer hen transfer music and it works in my 2009 Sony Xplod car radio good luck