Ultra Dual Drive 3.0 very Hot

My 32GB USB 3.0 Ultra Dual drive gets very hot very quickly.

It happens when it is just plugged in the PC, no file transfer, completely empty drive.

It also does it when plugged into any of our phones (both Motorola).

Not only does the USB drive get very hot very quickly, it also sucks the life out of the phone battery.

Question 1:

Is there a danger of damaging the phone. I read about a Fit drive overheating, shorting and frying laptop USB ports.

Question 2:

Is there anything I can do (firmware update etc)

I see similar complaints on Amazon, so my problem is not unique.

Exact model: BM152524853V


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I checked amazon and do not see any reviews stating it is getting very hot for the ultra Dual drive USB 3.0.

sandisk does make another ultra fit usb drive (super small form factor) which has some reviews that it gets hot however sandisk support has responded to those reviews with the following statement

“SanDisk drives are tested to comply to the safety standards in “Safety of Information Technology Equipment, IEC 60950-1”, where the ambient temperature range is between 0°C and 35°C. SanDisk Ultra Fit can run a little warmer than other similar drives due to its high performance and compact form factor, which can limit the immediate dissipation of heat from the circuitry.”

Since these are 2 completely different products I would suggest you contact sandisk support and see about getting a warranty replacement. I would not use the drive any longer.

same here, i bought 64 GB SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0, i just plugged-in only (both PC and my Android phone), not doing anything, then it gets very hot. Do you solution for this, @dromedary? i am afraid that i bought defect product. Can we get replacement for it? If you have, please share your solution.

thank you and best regards,

Gunawan Agung

Same happening with mine SanDisk Ultra Fit - USB flash drive - 64 GB.

Using in my computer, car. Anywhere.

Any solution ?

I am experiencing the same thing. 


It’s almost too hot to handle even after just 3-4 minutes or so. 

This wasn’t cheap either…close to $50. What gives SanDisk?

I have the m3.0 128GB model and experienced the same heating issue.

The first one showed this problem when plugged into a USB 3 port.

SanDisk replaced it after I returned it at my own expense.

The new replacement doesn’t behave any differently to the first.

In a USB 3 port, it draws 896mA and gets hot.  In a USB 2 port, it draws 224mA and doesn’t get hot.  When plugged into the mobile phone micro-USB port it draws about 300mA.

I used a program named USBDeview to monitor USB devices connected to my Windows 10 laptop and a battery monitoring app named 3C Battery Monitor on my Android mobile phone . 

Does any one know what is the designed current draw when plugged into a USB 3 port and a USB 2 port?

Hi i just received my USB DUal Drive type C. It gets hot when i just plug it in to my phone without using it. Is this normal?