SanDisk heating issue

Hello members,

Recently I have bought an SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 pen drive from . I faced heating issue in that pen drive and I placed an replacement for same model . This Sunday I have gotten replacement of that.

But I am facing same issue again in this pen drive. I am not using that pen drive . Only I have inserted that pen drive in USB 3.1 port of laptop and its getting hot without any data transfer. 

Please make me confirm whether this Ultra Fit USB 3.1 (Black) model has this issue or not & please also suggest me a different model which doesn’t get heated as much as this model is because due to heating its writing and reading speed both are decreasing and I am getting UBS 3.0 speed .

If I will get 3.0 speed then I will return this . By the way I never expected this from SanDisk.


I Have been having the same issue with it getting EXTREMELY HOT when running programs off of it I think its a design flaw with it being so small and light I have the 64gb model.