USB Ultra 3.0 USB 64 GB

My USB 3.1 Ultra Drive 64 GB heats up quite a bit. I store digital movies I bought online on the USB drive. When I play the movies the unit heats up.  I was wondering if that was normal?


is it a normal size pend drive or a fit/nano model?

my sandisk extreme 3.0 16gb never heats up.   the new one that i bought  ultra fit 3.0 64gb gets quite hot.

i got it just a few days ago so i still have to understand if it´s because of the bigger capacity but more likely because of the very small reduced size.

moreover the writing speed is really slow with every kind of file (small, medium,large) much slower than all my usb 2.0 drives.

I asked here on the forum but no one replies. I have to decide if to rma the drive to amazon.

How is your writing speed going?