SanDisk Ultra Luxe 256gb EXTREME heat

I recently bought a SanDisk Ultra Luxe 256gb to replace my Ultra Flair. The Ultra Luxe gets EXTREMELY hot to the point I can’t hold it between my fingers for more than 3 seconds (this is after removing it from my TV after watching a movie). Is this going to damage my TV? Does anybody have any recommendations of brands that don’t turn into literal kettle’s because this is ridiculous and it really makes me think it is going to damage the USB port on my TV. Why are they heating up so much? They’re supposed to be the premium brand of Pen Sticks and they’re absolutely terrible when it comes to heat. Is there anything I can personally do?

You can try using a short USB A-Male to A-Female adapter cable to separate the Ultra Luxe from the TV’s USB port.

Thats my current plan. I bought the best cable i could from ebay, usb 3.0 5gbps im just hoping theres no quality loss. It is still a huge problem with the drives though and it needs adressing/fixing

Many of these drives are known for being toasty, its been a thing for many years now so its probably normal.

A different perspective is that the case is radiating the heat away from the port, the really short ones just sink all the heat into the port itself.

If you are worried about your tv use an extension cable.

Ultra luxe is a budget drive in a nicer casing, the name is misleading, expensive drives cost several times more and have closer to SSD speeds. The extreme pro is 3x the cost of the luxe for example.


There is no quality loss at this length and speed, there isn’t much video out there that would saturate even usb 2.0, perhaps raw 4k+ from a professional camera.

Even a bluray unrecompressed takes 2 hours to transfer its 40GB~ of data after all.