SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0

I bought two SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 32 GB. I have bought flash drives for the last ten years to be used on remote Linux stations, with Knoppix installed on the USB flash drives. This time I replaced the flash drives of two stations with SanDisk’s. At the end of the week I could not ping the stations. Both were dead because the USB subsystem had been fried. No, it was not an electrical problem; both have correct grounding and regulated current, and are miles away from each other. THEN I read forums talking about heat problems with this particular model of SanDisk flash drives. Thank you SanDisk: you fried two computers used for scientific research.

Hi ottod,

The SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 drives are tested to comply to the safety standards in “Safety of Information Technology Equipment, IEC 60950-1”, where the ambient temperature range is between 0°C and 35°C. SanDisk Ultra Fit can run a little warmer than other similar drives due to its high performance and compact form factor, which can limit the immediate dissipation of heat from the circuitry.

As you may be aware, the latest laptops and desktops also generate considerable amount of heat which can contribute to SanDisk Ultra Fit running warm while inserted in these hosts. Nevertheless the drive is tested to remain in acceptable temperature ranges under normal operating conditions so to not affect your host device.

That said we are concerned about the failures you have experienced and would like to hear more. Please contact SanDisk support and we will be happy to assist you.

SanDisk Support Phone number: 866-SANDISK

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I Just got a problem looking like this too with my laptop  HP Pavillon DV 6700  and a Ultra USB 3 Flash Drive  that I buy at  Costco canada durind the last year ,

I used it on my computer without a great succes …then I close the cover of my laptop for the night and the day after my computer was unable to  open … just a little bit of light then close all over again and again …

My computer is dead …

My computer was connected to the electric supply during the night and there was no battery on it .

$$$$$$$ for a new computer and work on the garbage …

That kind of thing should be investigate seriously .