Ultra Backup - Keeping 2 PCs in synch with changes

Hi i just bought an ultra 64G, I wanted to use it to keep my “most updated files” up-to-date btw my home PC and work PC. I did a backup of my folder at home and wanted to synch it with a similar folder at work. The key is complaining that my work PC is a new PC and can only “restore” my backup rather than keep it in synch.

What is the process/configuration to have 2 folders : 1 on a work PC, 1 on a home PC and use the key to keep them in synch?


each backup profile can only back up one computer. you can restoe the data from one to another computer but you cant backup the second computer with the same profile. this is due to the directory structure being different on every pc. 

you can create a second profile for the second computer but that is really it. there is no syncing between 2 computers. 

Hi drlucky, thanks for your note. Is there a work-around ? such as removing the backup software and using some 3rd party softw ? what is the direcrory structure using to identify 2 PCs? computer name or mac address or else? thanks again

there is no software i know of that will do this


Does this help?


Thanks Ed_P, dissapointing to be honest. I guess allwaysynch could help, just have to pay again… Anyway is there a different SanDisk key that would do what i am looking for? Or SanDisk just does not provide this functionality? If i remove completely the backup software on the key I guess i can use it as a simple portable storage and edit files directly on the key btw my 2 PC? Thanks

Allwaysynch used to be an app for SanDisk U3 sticks, but SanDisk doesn’t make U3 sticks anymore.  I believe that the current app is free for personal use.

Depending on the size of the USB stick it could be used for backups and syncing 2 machines.  ;-)