SanDisk Ultra Backup_USB 2.0 Flash Drive_64 GB

Hi! I just purchased and am attempting to utilize my SanDisk Ultra Backup Flash Drive. My PC’s operating system is Windows XP Professional. I have connected the flash drive, my computer recognized it and automatically installed whatever software. I rebooted and with the flash drive connected to a USB port, I clicked BACKUP. The flash drive internal light is slowly flashing, but when I go to Task Manager I do not see anything there (no Task running for the SanDisk in my Removable Drive. It has been connected now for approximately an hour. Since this is the first use, how long should it take to be visible in my Task Manager? Do I need to do something different to initiate the Backup? Any help is appreciated!! Thanks.  :slight_smile:

It wont be visible at task manager but only on My Computer. 

I’ve never seen a running task, ie BACKUP, not show up in Task Manager.