SanDisk 32GB Ultra Backup USB Flash Drive became very slow / hanging. Now not working at all.

Hi I bought and have been using a SanDisk 32GB Ultra Backup USB Flash Drive two years ago. I have been using it for regular once a week backups (or when I remember, which is less often that that). The initial back up obviously took a long time, but after that it was just a few minutes (as I assume it was just adding any new data to the backup, rather than doing the whole thing again?).

Recently however, the ‘performance’ has been getting worse.

Firstly, a few months ago, rather than a few minutes, it started to take much longer (eg over an hour). This is not because there’s a large amount of new data, but because I think it seemed to ‘hang’ a lot not doing much. Sometimes, when it was being unresponsive, I would have to shut it down (in task manager) a few times and then eventually it would work.

Even more recently, I haven’t been able to do any backups at all. It is now very unresponsive after backup starts and then refuses to be shut down, even in task manager.

My PC is Dell Studio XPS 1645, 8GB RAM, Intel core i7 CPU, Q720@1.60 Ghz, 64 bit operating system, running windows 7.

I have not changed any of the settings (or at least I don’t think I have) and its not a case that I have added huge amounts new/ fresh data, that is having to be backed up each week. 

Any ideas, anybody?

it could really only be one of two things. the hardware is getting ready to fail or there is some corruption or somthing giving the software a hard time. i would format the drive, this will erase all the data so make sure you ahve all the data stored on your computer, reload the backup application and create a new backup. if you have similar issues it is likely a hardware issue.