Ultra Backup 16GB With Two Computers

Have an XP computer at home and a Windows7 at my office.   Have not yet configured the device.   Would like to use my “Ultra” to backup files on both computers.  Is that possible?    If so, how would I configure the application?

If not, I understand that aside from its use for backup, my “Ultra” can also be configured for use as a storage/transfer device.   Would appreciate instructions on how to configure it for that purpose.

Thanks much.

first thing there is an updated version of the Ultra Backup software. this is  a stand alone version and does not use U3. I would suggest installing this version of the software. download and installation instructions below.

Ultra Backup Software

you can configure multiple backup profiles. after you install the stand alone version there will be a new button at the upper right. just click that and create a new backup profile. 

Does the stand alone version provide the same USB password signon as the U3 version?

you can create a password and encrypt the backup data when configuring the software. the entire drive is not password protected. 

I’ve been trying (really I have) to follow all of the steps necessary to remove the U3 Launchpad and install the standalone version on my Ultra as you suggested.  Removed, I think, the U3 and formatted the drive leaving it totally naked; although both seemed to result in the same situation  Then downloaded the Standalone software which came in Zip format and after unzipping was unable to transfer or copy the extracted SanDiskBackup.exe to my Removable Disk K.  When I double clicked on the downloaded zip file it automatically gave the .exe file–and not a “Select a Destination” option.  What am I doing wrong?

it all depends on the compression application you are using to uncompress the file. no worries though if you have sandiskbackup.exe all you need to do is copy that to the drive and double click it. this will launch the installation wizard which will walk you though the rest.

I think that, thank’s to you, I’m almost there.  I finally got the sandiskbackup.exe to perform, and it is currently doing a “custom” backup on my office PC that I named accordingly.  Am I correct that when I plug my Ultra into USB port of my home PC it will permit me to set it up as I did with my office machine (now naming it something like " Home Backup") to make a “new backup profile” by pushing that upper right button that you mentioned earlier?   Thanks again for all of your help.

yes once you get to your home computer open the ultra backup application and there will be a “new” button in the upper right corner click that and set up the new backup profile. 


I think that I was able to remove the U3 launchpad from my office Windows7 computer and properly , I think, downloaded the standalone version.  I initially did the setup process and probably requested backup of files and stuff I really didn’t need to backup, and got message that I selected more that the 16GB on my USB.  Then tried to remove items but not sure I did it correctly and still get that warning, even tho it also tells me that I need 2785 MB space.   Is there any way I can wipe it all out and start again?

Also bothersome is the messages I get that a new version of SanDisk Backup is available, and do I want to update my program to new version.  Is this ok to do, or will it bring back the U3 that I worked so hard to replace?

Is there a Programming SanDisk Backup For Dummies" out there?   Thanks for your help.

PS: I have not yet tried it out on my other computer–the one at home with Windows XP, because it crashed last week and had the HD reinstalled and then loaded in bunch of programs.  Lucky enought to have all the files I needed on office computer and able to install them at home.  When I get to the point that I know how to program the device, will try plugging it in at home. 

yes it is fine to update the software. 

here is the user guide