SanDisk backup on Extreme USB 3.0 64gb

SanDiskBackup.exe executed from root of new Extreme USB 3.0 64GB drive gives error message:

“Please run SanDisk Backup from a Sandisk external device.” Is there a fix?

that software only works with the SanDisk Ultra Backup USB drive. it does nto work with any other drive so you will not be able to use it with the Extreme USB 3

So SanDisk has handcuffed its backup solution to only some of its USB products. Not the answer I wanted, but one beyond my ability to do anything about. Seems customer-hostile to me.

Hi. Just some thoughts here, i think it’s fair since this is a Sandisk product, it will only back up Sandisk products as well.

That is incorrect barniani.  Go to the Sandisk site and check out the app’s specs.